The Spine is the Axis of the Body

 The spine is a highly complex system with different functions. There can be many causes that   trigger pain. Normal aging processes lead to adverse changes in vertebrae, ligaments and   intervertebral discs. Stress can lead to painful tension in muscles. A sudden jerky movement can   lead to brief painful muscle spasms.

If prolonged acute back problems are not treated or if they are treated incorrectly over a longer period of time, this can lead to chronic pain, which makes further treatment very difficult.

  • precise diagnosis and individually cusomized treatments for back pain.

  • minimally invasive procedures and pioneering surgical techniques.

                      Infiltration therapy                             Endoscopic minimally invasive surgery solutions


Dr. Georgios Kazoullis

Orthopedic Surgeon - Traumatologist

Emm. Papanastasi 24

85100 Rhodes


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