The knee is the largest joint in the human body and, in terms of its mechanics, the most complex.

We flex and extend our knees millions of times during the course of our lifetime and as a result, the knee is put under continuous strain. Accordingly, the knee is put under heavy strain. Once we reach a certain age,  our knees have often suffered a certain amount of wear called osteoarthritis, which can lead to intense and continuous pain.

Almost all knee joint surgeries – with the exception of the implantation of an artificial joint - can be carried out arthroscopically. For example, reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments, partial removal or repair of torn meniscuses, repair measures on the cartilage and other surgeries can be carried out in this way. 

Do you have knee problems? You deserve a coherent therapy concept, not a hasty or pointless operation.

 • exact diagnostic clarification of your knee joint problem

 • individual therapeutic concept

 • conservative treatment in the foreground

Only when the conservative measures have not yielded the desired success, are the operative interventions discussed.

Dr. Georgios Kazoullis

Orthopedic Surgeon - Traumatologist

Emm. Papanastasi 24

85100 Rhodes


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