The requirements placed on the hip joint are huge due to the weight & movement it is subjected to. 

Congenital deformities, changes in the shape perfusion during growth, increased weight and movement in daily life as well as recreational and competitive sports can lead to pain and early degeneration (osteoarthritis). 

Long-term experience and specialization in the treatment of the hip joint is required in order for a physician to identify and precisely diagnose an injury or disease of the hip and to carry out a successful treatment.

After a precise diagnosis of the symptoms,

a targeted conservative therapy can be initiated, which leads to long-term freedom from symptoms even without surgery.

If the treatment don't succeed and an operation is necessary, under certain conditions, a minimally invasive surgery is possible.

Dr. Georgios Kazoullis

Orthopedic Surgeon - Traumatologist

Emm. Papanastasi 24

85100 Rhodes


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