A hand consists of 27 bones and 36 joints, which is about a quarter of all the bones that comprise   the human body

There is a whole range of diseases and disorders that are very specific to the hand and require a very special therapy

In the carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the three important hand nerves is narrowed at the level of the wrist crevice. This causes pain in the fingers and a numbness of the hand. These symptoms are very common at night, depriving the patient of sleep. Here, too, rapid relief can be achieved by a comparatively small procedure, if the conservative therapy attempts did not bring any success.

With the Trigger finger, the flexor tendon of the affected finger is narrowed so that this tendon can no longer slide freely and the movement of the finger is stopped abruptly. Only after overcoming the resistance, the movement can be completed, this leads to the typical and very painful "snap-phenomenon". If conservative measures do not help, the ring band needs to be widened with a small operation and the damage is repaired

 • conservative options in the treatment of medical conditions and hand injuries.

•  surgical treatment options. 

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